Phoenix Rises Again as Frankie

FrankieTwo years ago, my husband Fred and I went to the San Francisco SPCA to meet Phoenix, an Australian Cattle Dog mix who had some rough beginnings.

He was picked up as a hurt and damaged stray in Stockton and rescued from the euthanasia room by a wonderful SF SPCA volunteer…chemical burns, a broken tail, and in pain…nursed back to health by amazing SF SPCA DVMs and volunteers …adopted out once, tied up in a yard, escaped, and found his way BACK to the SF SPCA – the only home he knew.

We loved him at first sight and felt he deserved something wonderful. He came home with us and has evolved into the smartest, funniest, and most lovable companion ever!!

Now known as Frankie, he was the star in all his obedience classes and has excelled in dog agility. At his first-ever CPE trial, he won 1st place blue ribbons in 3 of his 4 runs!!  He is fast, quick, motivated, and smart, but we never forget to just have fun. We take long hikes every weekend and he loves to chase his balls. He has made up several games that he has taught us how to play!

My now-favorite bumper sticker: “Who rescued who?!” We will always be grateful to the SF SPCA for saving him and giving us this special gift. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!

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  1. Laura says:

    Wow – what an amazing update, thank you! I was one of the many many staff that loved Frankie while he was with us — far from the vets that treated and made miracles happen to his wounds, I’m just a gal that hung out with him in my office frequently and took him on daily walks (and the occasional lunch car ride for a sammy). That dog touched my heart and I’ve never forgotten him.
    Thank you for keeping us updated on his life – you’ve made my night!

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