Miles & Finn – Brothers from Another Mother

MIles and Finn at the windowI just wanted to check in and let the SF SPCA know that Miles (Vast) and Finn (Sol) have settled into their new home and filled it with sweet and ridiculously playful kitten energy. Having lost my dog of 13 years, I made my way to the SPCA to look into getting a cat for the first time in 17 years.

The first cat I visited with was Vast, and anyone who knows Vast, knows that he is at his best when meeting new people in new situations. He is relaxed, socially engaged and turns his motor on high — even at the vet! I was absolutely charmed and didn’t visit another cat. Vast came home with me that day and became Miles, my velcro kitty.

It soon became clear that Miles would most likely love to have a brother or sister. I went back to the SPCA a week later and intuition told me that Sol, although quite shy but playful, was the one. That day Sol came home with me and later became Finn, for his plucky little character. Finn will probably always be shy in new situations and with new people, but once he is comfortable he is truly the Golden Retriever of cats! He plays hard and loves hard. He’s very direct and open, lacking the cattitude of many other cats. He bounces between Miles and me, thriving in being a social butterfly.

They’re a great pair and truly have become brothers from another mother. I really admire the work the SF SPCA does, and I am grateful for the direct impact on my life in having these two cuties in my home. Thank you!

- Nicole

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3 Responses to Miles & Finn – Brothers from Another Mother

  1. Nicole says:

    Miles and Finn are also making their “film debut” in a short I did about the Lilac Alley Mural Project in the Mission, if anyone is interested.

  2. Wonderful story, so happy to hear about Miles and Sol.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Lisa Brewer says:

    Hi Miles and Finn,

    I am Lisa Brewer, co-founder of the Lilac Mural Project. I am flattered to see that you are doing a short film. Please contact me asap
    Lisa Brewer 415-505-7222

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