Ayumi – A Kitty Love Story

My husband and I went in looking for a kitten but were told that it was the wrong season for kittens. So, we just decided to take a stroll around the kitty section.

At first, we saw a cat that we liked but didn’t seem to have a care in the world for us. One of the volunteers suggested we take a look at Ayumi.  Once we sat on the floor of her little room, she immediately jumped onto my lap and showered me with purrs and kisses. We always tell everyone that she adopted us!!!

When Ayumi finally got home she was pretty shy. We have two dogs, a toy poodle and a pit. After a month, she sleeps with the toy poodle and greets her with a kiss.

After work it’s so nice to see her pop her head out of the room and greet us with a purr and a leg rub.

Ayumi is our third child. She’s a snuggler and keeps the mice away. It’s so nice to have her in the family. She sure is a true LOVEBUG!!!

- Michelle

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