Persistence Pays Off for Skippy and His New Family

SkippyI had always wanted a dog. In late 2011 I decided to take action and try to convince my parents to let us get a dog. I made countless Power Points on the advantages of having a dog, and spent all my free time researching dog breeds that are hypoallergenic with low prey drives.

Finally in January my hard work paid off. We had planned to meet a Portuguese Water dog at the ACC but he was adopted earlier that day. My mom went to the SPCA to check out other dogs.  She met a Shih Tzu named Santa and put a hold on him so the rest of the family could meet him.

The next day we met him and decided to adopt him. A week and a half later we got a newly neutered dog with half his teeth missing , because they were so full of cavities that they were removed. He was very laid back and drowsy. Skippy had never responded to the name Santa so our family (yes we love peanut butter) decided on a new name for him:  Skippy. Skippy is now a very sweet and happy dog who loves everybody. He has very much become part of our family.

- Mary Helen

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