Florence at Home

I adopted Florence from Macy’s Holiday Windows this past November. She was only 2.5 months old and was a bit sick in the beginning. It took her about 2 days to love her new place.

FlorenceI am convinced that she thinks I am her mom. She purrs and suckles my toes and fingers. She sleeps between me and my boyfriend and is very playful and nosy.  :)  She looks into everything I bring home. She thinks I go hunting during the day to bring her food. When I go to take a shower she comes to watch me. When I am cleaning she sits and watches and finds playful moments.

She is so gentle and amazing. Everyone loves her. I even took her out a bunch of times. Tried leash and also carrying her in the bag. While she doesn’t love being outside, it helps her appreciate home better. She is the joy of my life. All day at work I think of going back home and being greeted by her at the door.

- Talieh

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  1. Jen C says:

    What a lucky kitty and family! Yeah Macy’s windows!

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