Jiji & Amaebi: New Best Friends

Jiji & Amaebi: New Best FriendsJiji and Amaebi came to our house from the SF SPCA roughly two weeks apart: Jiji a few days before Halloween, and Amaebi in mid-November.
We adopted them after two of our cats passed away suddenly due to illness.  We were devastated by the events, and we knew we would never be able to replace them.  But seeing cat towers unoccupied, a bag of cat food uneaten, a box full of cat toys just sitting, we felt that we should open our home to cats in need instead of throwing them all away.

When we met Jiji, she was in a room with two other female cats around her age (2 years old).  The other cats were more active and attention seeking, and Jiji just stayed in a cat tower, not really paying any attention to us.  At one point, I approached her, and brought my finger in front of her nose so she could smell me.  Instead, Jiji licked my finger.  I was in love.  The next day, we returned to the SF SPCA Adoption Center, and Jiji came home with us.

Within two weeks, Jiji was very comfortable at our home: she was very energetic and loved playtime.  In fact, if we didn’t play with her for more than 30 minutes a day, she would wake us up at 3 a.m.
This led us to look for Jiji’s companion, a cat that could deal with an energetic cat, but a calmer cat that would not team up with Jiji to cause further chaos.  We went to the SF SPCA and found a gray medium hair cat that was relatively new to the shelter – the volunteers didn’t know much about her, but she was in a room with a very playful kitten that was chasing after her tail.  She didn’t really seem to mind the kitten and we thought that she would be a good match with Jiji.  We just needed to make sure that she would be a right match for us too.  After hanging out in her room for about 5 minutes, she approached us, and she immediately went to Marc’s lap.  That was all we needed to know that she was the one.  We got home, and we named her Amaebi – Japanese for “sweet shrimp”.

Weeks have gone by since then, and we have developed into a good family here.  Jiji still loves to lick our fingers and chase a sponge ball or laser point.  Amaebi is a love bug that loves to sleep in the bed with us.  And most importantly, Jiji and Amaebi are buddies that enjoy each other’s company – they often chase each other, and they take a nap next to each other.

We also feel that Jiji and Amaebi helped us heal our wounds.  Really, they helped us open our hearts after the loss of two of our loving cats and taught us to appreciate the small happinesses in life.

- Yuko & Marc

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