Burrito’s new home

Marble Rye, formerly BurritoJohn and I just wanted to write you all at the SF SPCA and let you know how Burrito’s doing here. We changed her name to Marble, sometimes Marble Rye, and have spent the past week and a half getting Marble used to her new home. She did well aving just the small bathroom to get used to for the first couple of days, and we have the box she slept in at the shelter in there as a familiar thing for her to hold on to until she’s fully settled here. We’ve also set up a few different blankets around the house for her, so she’s got a comfy spot in each room. She especially seems to like watching us from under the chairs or curling up in one of the side chairs.

At the moment, she seems to have a bit of a sneezing issue, so we’re keeping an eye on that, and may take her to the clinic again to see if it’s an upper respiratory infection or something else. Otherwise, she’s enjoying her play time and seems to do well while we’re gone, and purrs like crazy.

At right is one of the pictures John took of her the other day. I hope you like it.

Monica, John and Marble

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