Hemingway in Switzerland

My name is Hemingway. I am a Turkish Angora mix and was a returning guest at the SF SPCA for various reasons… until Madeleine came along in 2009 to work as a volunteer.

Hemingway at home in SwitzerlandWhen I saw her, I quickly stretched out on the floor showing my fluffy belly to invite her into my kennel. And it worked! We got to know each other and she took me home! First I had to share my new home with a sweet but also somewhat simple minded pit bull. It was so funny to tease him and chase his tail! Then we moved again and I had to sit for a long time in my carrier.

When I finally got out to stretch my limbs, everything was strangely different: smells, sounds, temperature, food. So exciting! But my mommy was still the same, and so I felt all right. She explained that from now on, I was going to live in Switzerland! Well, I didn’t mind as long as my mommy would care for me and my bowl was full.

It is now just one year since my arrival in Switzerland and that’s why I thought it would be nice to send a little hello out to the nice and caring people at the SF SPCA and let them know that

I enjoy my life here and am doing great!

Many cat greetings,

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