Mary and Wrangler – New Best Friends

WranglerIn July 2009, my husband and I came into the San Francisco SPCA with our older dog, Maggie, to let her choose a companion; we ended up going home with Wrangler. For 3-1/2 years they enjoyed sunbathing in the dining room together, going on mountain hikes together, and digging up gophers at the dog park together. As Maggie’s vision and hearing deteriorated, Wrangler became her eyes and ears; if she saw him race to the front door she would immediately follow to greet us as we came home from work. If he ran into the kitchen she would come trotting along behind him to get her dinner.

Sadly, our beloved Maggie passed away this past December. We didn’t want Wrangler to be alone for long so a few days later we returned once again to the SF SPCA. This time Wrangler got to choose a friend and he chose Myra (now Mary).

MaryWrangler and Mary hit it off instantly and the fun hasn’t stopped since! They wrestle and play like crazy at home. During the rare moments when they’re just quietly laying around, Mary likes to stare lovingly at Wrangler and if he gets up to relocate to a different part of the house she’ll immediately follow. She acts like a girl with a huge crush on a boy, while Wrangler is more, “Gee, I’m flattered, but I just like you as a friend.”

They both enjoy running around at our local dog park every day with their doggie friends, chasing seagulls at Stinson beach, and visiting grandma (my mother-in-law) on Fridays because she spoils them with yummy Polish sausage from the deli.

Thank you, SF SPCA, for everything that you do! We will be forever grateful for Wrangler because he helped our shy Maggie come out of her shell, and for Mary because she made us laugh and smile again after Maggie’s passing.

best wishes,
Jasmine & Jacek (and Mary & Wrangler!)

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One Response to Mary and Wrangler – New Best Friends

  1. monica says:

    I love your story even if it made me cry. My 10yr old dog recently passed away and it has been extremely hard on me as he was my everything. I have another 10yr old dog we inherited 2yrs ago from my mom in law and feel that she’s lonely. I went to the spca and fell in love with a puppy unfortunately he wanted to rough play with my dog who is not into that at all so we couldn’t bring him home :o( i will try again next wkend

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