Mia Mermaid

Mia MermaidIt was that time of year: Burning Man. When everyone asks me to take care of their pets while they scamper in the desert. Six years ago I realized, while feeding another kitty, that there was an empty hole in my life that needed to be filled.

After a discussion, my husband Brian & I went down to the SF SPCA. I have always adored tabbies, & I held a listless but beautiful kitten & I knew as they say. I actually cried on the way out the door. Although Mia¬† — now Mia Mermaid — had visible ribs (partly due to the stress of being in a shelter) she rebounded amazingly fast. And turned into a chow hound.

She is a character… not the demure & sickly kitty I met. She is strong, powerful — and full of salt & vinegar! The love I have for her is so powerful, it defies definition. She opened my eyes to the plight of all cats. We have 2 cats now, & live in our own peaceful kingdom. Brian & I always say we never had a home… until Mia Mermaid came into our life.

- Nan

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  1. Ann says:

    I love your story of Mia’s rescue! She is so healthy and happy now, and she brought so much love with her that you realized your hearts had room for even more, with Tiki!

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