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Joaquin in a basketJoaquin came to the SF SPCA with two broken legs, a punctured eye, and a fractured tail. We don’t know what happened to Joaquin, but we often don’t know medical histories with transfers from other shelters. We do know that despite his multiple fractures, he was a playful, loving cat who was full of life. To help cover the cost of Joaquin’s medical treatment, the SF SPCA launched a fundraising campaign.

We wanted to share with our supporters the below update, which we received from Joaquin’s new guardian.

* * *

Joaquin continues to be amazing. It’s incredible to find so much joy in such a tiny package.

After adopting Joaquin, we took him to an orthopedic specialist who confirmed what the SF SPCA had already advised – that despite Joaquin’s fractures having healed crooked while living on the streets and his eye being removed, the best thing to do for him was to just let him be a kitten. So, that’s exactly what Joaquin does every day – he enjoys being a kitten, with a swagger that is all his own!

Joaquin and BrandyDespite being the smallest member of our family, Joaquin rules the house. He is always front-and-center for the day’s events, no matter what’s going on. His best friend is our 9-year-old orange tabby, Mr. Kittles. When he’s not following Mr. Kittles around, Joaquin is our little shadow. If you’re scooping the litter box, he insists on assisting. If you open a screened window, he sprints to excitedly gaze out into the busy streets. If you’re vacuuming, he’s most likely watching (no hiding under the bed for this cat). If you’re watching Monday night football, so is Joaquin. He loves to play hide-and-seek in the house or fetch with his cat toys. His favorite guilty pleasures are trying to climb the curtains, or sneakily scouring the recycling bin for possible leftovers, before someone tells him to stop. Day after day, Joaquin bounces with excitement for the day – he is fearless and fun and he LOVES LIFE! Finally, when it’s time for bed, he crawls under the covers to sleep with us all night.

We absolutely adore Joaquin, and we like to think that he loves us. Every day, when we get home from work and are greeted at the door by our sweet and rambunctious kitten, we are reminded that he is the perfect addition to our family. We are so grateful to the SF SPCA for saving his life and allowing us to welcome him into our own lives.

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  1. Catherine says:

    So glad Joaquin found a wonderful home and is enjoying life. Thanks for adopting this special guy!

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