A Rave About Bodie

Bodie (formerly Kringle)This may be a little early to post, but this puppy is worth raving about! He’s almost four months! We adopted Bodie (aka Kringle) on December 26th, 2013. He was a puppy in Macy’s Holiday Windows. We hadn’t planned on adopting a puppy on December 23rd (the day we walked into the store for last-minute Christmas presents) but we had been thinking about adopting a dog for a while.

We already have a dog, a 10-year-old chocolate Lab who is reactive to other dogs. We had been told by local shelters that a puppy would not be a good match for her, given the age and energy difference. This was what we assumed, as well. We would never dream that she could run around the yard with a puppy tailing her, but lo and behold, that’s what’s happening! They aren’t exactly best friends, but our lab has become less reactive on walks. This is a huge milestone for her. Bodie, while annoying her sometimes, is making our lab, Terra, more sociable.

Bodie’s heritage is a mystery that will be solved through a gene test. He could be a handful of breeds, from a rottweiler to a cattle dog to a pitbull to a labrador (his feet are webbed!) Whatever the test results are, we will love him no matter what. We went to a dog show recently and found out about agility competitions, which we are going to test his liking of.

Bodie is super smart, has an insatiable taste for shoes, and is loved by everyone he meets. We hope to introduce him to many more people in the years to come.

- The O’Donnells

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