Misunderstood Mikey

MikeyMy fiance I and I adopted Mikey from the SF SPCA almost a year ago, and we are so happy we made that decision. When we first got Mikey, our family and friends all thought we were crazy. Mikey is a wild man, with off-the-charts energy, and he had been in and out of shelters for the 6 months before we adopted him. He is still a wild man, with abundant energy, but over the past year we have worked with him on his manners, socialization and most importantly, his exercise!

Now all of those same family and friends tell us how far he has come, and how “he isn’t even the same dog you brought home.” Mikey now goes for long runs, has lots of friends at doggie daycare and is a bed-hog.

We always knew what our little man was capable of, it just required time, patience and lots of love from us. We quickly realized that it was US that needed to figure out why Mikey was acting out, and what we could do as owners to change his behavior. I wanted to share this story because a lot of people thought he was too wild, and too crazy, but it wasn’t him, it was because he didn’t have a permanent home, and a stable set of leaders to guide him.

Adopting a dog like Mikey can be challenging, but he has taught us, and the people around us, how resilient our little furry friends can be. We love him so very much, and are so happy the the SF SPCA took a chance on a dog like Mikey so he could now be a part of our lives.

- Katie

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