New favorite words #1 & #2, definitions included.

Did you know that while cats go into heat seasonally and repeatedly, referred to as #1 (polyestrous), they don’t actually ovulate until they mate.  It’s called induced ovulation.  Weird.  It turns out, there are other animals who are induced ovulators: llamas, for example. Cats also can mate with more than one special friend while in heat and be impregnated by multiple partners -#2 superfecundation.

What is the point of this little lesson in feline reproduction?  It helps to explain how cats can reproduce so prodigiously.  Across San Francisco and nationally, shelters and rescues are flooded with adoptable cats looking for homes.  We are also, because of the constantly temperate weather in SF, on the heels of one kitten season and heading into the next one.

Kittens tend to be adopted out more readily than adult cats, which leaves these sweet, older, wiser adults to linger in shelters.  If you have considered adopting a kitten recently, consider an adult cat instead.  Also consider this:

  1. The purr-sonality of an adult cat is already known—making it easier to match you with the right cat!
  2. Older cats are generally less demanding than kittens and need less supervision, great news if you work outside the home
  3. Adult cats have fully developed immune systems and are less likely to develop kitty colds and flus
  4. Adult cats are litter trained and calmer than kittens
  5. If you already have an older cat, another adult cat of similar age and temperament, if carefully introduced, can be less stressful for him/her than a kitten
  6. A senior cat is less likely to climb the curtains or knock over breakables!
  7. Nowadays, indoor cats live regularly into their late teens so most seniors have plenty of years of love left to give
  8. Adult cats do not require a lengthy (vaccine series (up to four FVRCP vaccination for kittens under 6 months—which, along with the fee for an office visit at the vets can run upward of $400 the first year of the kitten’s life).
  9. Mature cats languish for much longer in shelters, where they can become depressed or ill while watching their younger friends be adopted within mere days.
  10. Every adult cat was once an adorable kitten who, through no fault of their own, ended up at a shelter—you will be their hero forever if you take them home!

Senior Kittizens Rock (between naps, snuggles and lap time!)

We are helping cats into homes with the continuation of the Cat-A-Palooza specials.  Name your own adoption fee and take home your new feline friends!

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