Holiday Windows – Success!!

For the past seven years, the SF SPCA has partnered with Macy’s during their Annual Holiday Windows.  Each year, creativity, dedication and hard work come together to make this visual display a reality and this year was as spectacular as always.  The window design was inspired by Macy’s nostalgic “Believe” campaign, based on the New York Sun’s famous “Yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus” editorial from 1897.  Cats and dogs from our facility starred in the window displays from November 19 – January 2.  One could pass by the temperature controlled displays and find cats lounging in the sun and dogs playing with one another.  

This year’s event was a huge success.  Nearly 300 animals found loving homes and the SF SPCA received over $70,000 in donations.  Macy’s Holiday Windows would not be possible without the support of our wonderful volunteers.  Each year, it takes over 4500 volunteer hours to execute this event!  That is an amazing amount of time and dedication from our community.  Volunteers contribute by greeting people as they come in to Macy’s, take clients through the adoption process and solicit donations.  We are grateful for all their support!

Even though the holiday season is over, you can still give back to the SF SPCA.  We are a non profit organization; therefore, we rely heavily on volunteer support year round.  Volunteering is a great way to join and support your community, express your love of animals and give back to those in need.  There are several different ways one can volunteer with our organization, for example, by walking dogs, becoming a foster parents or socializing kittens.  Check out additional ways to get involved and sign up today for one of our upcoming Information Sessions!

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