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The following organizations are focusing on the needs of animals in crisis in Japan.  We’ve put the word out to the community to send us names of reputable organizations to add to this list.  We will update again early next week.

Humane Society International

Animal Refuge Kansai

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (facebook page)

Search Dog Foundation

World Vets

Global Animal (blog)

Nippon SPCA (need font translator)

OH on NPR this morning: consider giving to charities’ “general funds” rather than campaign specific programs. The dollars earmarked for specific programs must then be used only within the parameters of the program described, which once the dust settles, might not be the area of greatest need.  “Earmarking to anything, really, can force money to be spent in a way that is not actually needed — it’s not going to do the most good,” Schimmelpfennig says. For more on this, click here. Message here is not to withhold giving in response to the Japan crisis, but food for thought about funding preventative relief effort programs globally and in our own backyard.

The SF SPCA is hosting a disaster preparedness course: Pet First Aid & CPR – Learn How to Save Your Pet’s Life. Class is tomorrow, March 19th, 9:30am-1:30pm at the SF SPCA. If you can’t make this one, check back with us.  We will be offering additional courses moving forward.



We’ve received quite a few inquiries as to how individuals can help the animals in Japan.  We posted this a few days ago:

We are happy to post any additional suggested organizations on our facebook and twitter.  Please send suggestions our way.

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