San Francisco SPCA volunteer with doggieThey need you. We need you. Volunteer for the animals.

The San Francisco SPCA is remodeling its adoption center to meet the future needs of our shelter animals and visitors. We’re expecting the project to be completed in May/June 2014. Highlights of our new adoption center will include an increased capacity so we can adopt out at least 20% more animals each year and a streamlined adoption process that will reduce wait times. We will not be on-boarding new volunteers to work in our adoption center until late spring 2014, when the renovation is complete. We are currently recruiting volunteers for many other parts of the Society.

Current opportunities include:

The SF SPCA Foster Care Program is a lifeline for underage, sick or injured animals who cannot immediately be adopted.  With the love and care of devoted foster parents, these helpless animals are given a second chance for life. It’s kitten season. Are you ready to be a foster parent? Find out more at sfspca.org/foster.

Browse to sfspca.org/support/volunteer for the full list of current volunteer opportunities.

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