ChloeChloe! “When I arrived at the SF SPCA I had a terrible case of Demodex, which is a skin problem caused by mites. I spent several weeks recovering in a foster home, but I’m all better now and ready to find my forever home! I’ve got a lot of puppy energy and I’m still learning, so I hope to find an active household and adopters who will take me to training classes.”

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Lola the Miracle Cat

Lola KittyI adopted Lola from the San Francisco SPCA. She’s about twelve years old now, and I’ve had her since she was a kitten. Well, except for the two and a half years that I didn’t have her.

One day in 2007, Lola didn’t come home. I posted signs and looked everywhere for her, but she was gone without a trace. I was heartbroken. All of my life I’d had a cat, but after losing Lola I decided that was it, no more cats for me.

The next year my husband and I moved to a new house. The year after that, on Christmas eve, I got a message from a woman named Paula who said she had my cat. Paula was my former neighbor, though neither of us realized it at the time. I had no idea who she was, where she got my number, or how she knew I’d lost a cat.

My hands were shaking as I dialed Paula’s number, but I was trying not to get my hopes up. After two and a half years it seemed impossible. I thought surely this was some sort of mistake, but soon after Paula answered the phone it became clear to me that she really did have Lola. For a while I was speechless. Paula asked if I was crying, I said yes, and then she started crying, too!

Lola appeared on Paula’s roof one day maybe a year earlier, and Paula coaxed her into the house through a window. She never did figure out how Lola got onto the roof. Lola’s fur was matted and dirty and she was very thin, and very scared. Once inside the house she had no interest in leaving again, but she wouldn’t let Paula get anywhere near her.

Lucky for Lola (and me), Paula has a big heart and loves cats. She fed Lola and took care of her, and eventually Lola let Paula pet her and brush her. Paula looked for missing fliers, but by then they were long gone, and so were we.

The SPCA implanted a microchip in Lola, as they do with all kittens before adopting them out. For a nominal fee I was able to register my contact information. So when Paula brought Lola to the vet one day, the vet scanned Lola and found the microchip.

When I brought Lola home from Paula’s house, she wandered around the house for a while, checking out her new surroundings. Up to that point she hadn’t shown any sign of recognition.

I was afraid she didn’t remember me, but then about an hour later she jumped up into my lap, looked me straight in the eye for a moment, and then started purring and nuzzling into my hair, just like old times, as if to say, “There you are! Where have you been?”

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Iris: Funniest Cat in the World

Iris sleepingThank you so much for taking such good care of us when we came to adopt Ginger. Words cannot describe how happy we are to have her.

When we came to the San Francisco SPCA a month ago we came “just to have a look” and if we were to adopt it was going to be a black cat. When seeing Ginger through the glass door we forgot about everything we said before. She stood there and looked at us, with her big eyes on her petite body and we both knew that she was coming home with us.

Since none of us are used to cats we didn’t really know what to expect the first night. We were told that she might be a little shy but no, not our cat. Three hours after coming to her new home she slept in our bed, on top of us. The whole night. This she’s been doing every night since.

Ginger became Iris and every day with her has been amazing.

Iris is the funniest cat in the entire world, for sure. She is super social and is always where we are: in the bed, on the computer or in our lap when we eat. She is not afraid of strangers and she just loves to sit in the window and look at people and cars. She has become a little celebrity on the street, many of our neighbors have told us how cute she looks sitting there in the window with her pink nose and big ears.

The biggest surprise to us that she is a talker! She loves to talk and if we talk back she continues. Her favorite topic is food.

So again, thank you so much and thanks to SF SPCA for bringing Iris to us. We cannot imagine a life without her.

Lisa and Niklas

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Jordan & Emma: Two Peas In A Pod

Jordan and Emma: Two Peas in a PodJordan and Emma are two peas in a pod. When my girlfriend and I first introduced them to each other, Emma took some time to get used to Jordan. The day before New Year’s, Emma had been adopted from the SF SPCA by my mother, but Emma was temporarily staying with my girlfriend and me for New Year’s week. Throughout the week Jordan and Emma began learning each other’s language and bonding.

After my mother returned home with Emma, Emma only wanted to sleep on Jordan’s blanket, which we had given Emma. And Jordan would only sleep on Emma’s blanket, which my mother left here at our San Francisco apartment.

My girlfriend and I started discussing what it would be like to get Jordan a friend. Jordan had suddenly started acting ‘sad’ and different.

In the beginning we made it clear we would only have one kitten but we didn’t feel we could separate Emma and Jordan.

It has now been a week since we adopted Emma from my mother in Grass Valley. Jordan and Emma have continued to express love for each other while showing different personalities… this makes them even more fun to observe.

I could talk for hours about what a wonderful experience this has been for us, but what would Jordan and Emma say? See Picture… They might say, “We are so glad we were adopted by our moms, who give us ALL THEIR LOVE AND AFFECTION, have cuddly beds and kitty posts next to the windows so we can sit and look out and be safe. We also enjoy nap time with our moms.”

Last but not least, my girlfriend and I would just like to thank the SF SPCA for blessing us with our two new additions to our family.

- Sarah

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Merry Christmas from Mr. Big Stuff

Mr. Big Stuff lounges in his Xmas sweaterWe adopted Big aka Mr. Big Stuff (his name was “Fozzy” while he was at the SPCA) in April. I just lost my min-pin, Man, who is irreplaceable, but I needed to hear little feet running around and missed having a little buddy to come home to.

I saw “Fozzy” on the SPCA website and my daughter and I rushed to the SPCA as soon as I got off work the same day. We walked around and didn’t see him, but we hung out to see if we could connect with another pup even though my heart was set on Fozzy. My daughter decided to ask if there were other dogs available in another part of the facility because we came to meet Fozzy. Unbelievably, he had been adopted out but was returned recently and that’s why he was not in the observation areas.

The rest is an energy filled, laughter, and loving history. We changed his name, brought him home, and are so happy to have him be a part of our family. He fetches the ball endlessly and doesn’t mind me putting him in clothes, so I had to share his first Ugly Xmas Sweater picture with everyone. Happy Holidays!

- Elynor

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