Scruffy Love

DuckieI adopted Duckie (originally Deckie) back in January. At the time, I was looking for a partner in crime, and I found the best little four-legged friend I’ve had since I was a little girl. We had some bathroom issues and separation anxiety in the beginning, but once he realized he could relax, that I wasn’t going to give him up, those problems are almost in the past.

He had a rough start at the beginning of the year, but with several hundred miles of road trips together and many more planned, the upcoming year is looking to be even better for him. Waking up to him sleeping next to me every day or him being so excited to see me when I come home has been worth the accidents, and I can’t wait to see what we get ourselves into in the future!

- Autumn

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Ranger & Dovah – Best of Friends

Ranger and Dovah relax togetherMy husband and I adopted little black puppy Ranger (called Ajax back then) from SF SPCA when we were on a work vacation. We saw Ranger online, and when we met him in person, we just knew it was meant to be! Ranger slept patiently in my lap on the long drive home, and quickly become one of the family.

Dovah (our other smaller, golden dog) and Ranger have become the absolute best of friends and are doggie brothers now. They cuddle together on the couch all the time and love playing and running together. Thank you for helping to bring us together!

- Josh & Alyssa

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Roxie Cat

RoxieOne afternoon a co-worker of mine showed me a picture of the two young kittens she had been fostering in her home. As she explained that they were almost at 2 lbs and about ready to head back to the SPCA for adoption, I fell in love with one. The tiny-faced, calico kitten with the bright green eyes made my heart melt.

Now it has been over a year and Roxie melts the heart of everyone she meets – even my Dad who used to be very strict on the “no pets” rule. She runs around the house like she owns the place and reminds me of how grateful she is for a home every night when she curls up with me in bed. Thank you for this wonderful love of mine, SF SPCA, & keep up the amazing work!!

- Hannah

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Trike – Perfectly at Home on Three Legs

Trike in reposeTHANK YOU for connecting me with the most amazing little dog in the whole world.

Back on Father’s Day I adopted the three-legged chihuahua puppy you all had named “Jimmy Johnson.” Since then he’s been renamed Trike (as in Tricycle) and I am SO HAPPY to have him in my life.

A big thank you to the volunteer Mark (I hope I got your name right!) for thrusting him into my arms and sparking the adoption.

Trike at the parkTrike is totally confident on his three legs, and runs, climbs, and goes up and down stairs like it’s nothing special. In fact, he LOVES running and is happiest when he gets to let loose at the park.

He’s gentle and funny and the best cuddler. And he gets along so well with my cat Noodle (who is easily 5 times his size). They play and chase each other and are turning into fast friends. I really couldn’t be happier.

I’m attaching two photos for you to see how he healed up (and how cute he still is!)

Thank you again,
Morgan Weinert

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Adopt Dolly Dimples!

Dolly Dimples needs a homeDear Dolly, as we call her, has had a very tough year. A beautiful eight-year-old tortoiseshell, Dolly was surrendered to the SF SPCA in February by her family; she suddenly lost the home that she had known since kittenhood. Dolly found the shelter very frightening. She spent almost all of her time in the following months curled in a ball at the top of her cat tree, wakeful and scared. Volunteers and staff could sometimes coax a purr out of her – reminiscent of the social, people-oriented cat that she had been in her home – but Dolly would soon revert to her anxious posture.

Dolly has been waiting for a new home for six months. I visited her often as an SF SPCA volunteer and later as a staff member. Cats of all shapes, sizes, and ages came and went while Dolly patiently, sadly watched. It was clear the shelter did not feel like a safe place to her. In hopes of giving her a chance to shine, I brought her home through the SquareOne Foster Program. I was optimistic that there was happy and loving cat underneath those sad eyes.

Since moving in to our spare room, Dolly has blossomed into a funny, sweet, and playful cat. She loves anything that smells like catnip and will roll around frenetically with her favorite toys. She leaps to attention at the sound of a treat bag and then waits patiently as I fumble with the treats. She curls up next to my husband while he reads and purrs loudly. As of recently, she runs up to greet us when we come into the room. She’s not needy and she’s not a lap cat; she just loves having people around her. Dolly still has moments of fear but it’s clear what she needs to feel safe: a home.

We think that Dolly Dimples will thrive with patient adults who can show her that she’s safe and loved and who can give her space when she’s overwhelmed. Dolly has lived with another cat successfully before and could probably do so again. If you might be interested in adopting Dolly, please contact me at or 415-522-3521.

Video of Dolly:

-Laura Berkheiner, Cat Volunteer Coordinator at the SF SPCA

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