Arizona and Raquel: Settling In Wonderfully

Arizona and RaquelAfter ten days at home, I thought you might like to hear how Arizona and Raquel are doing. Despite their rough starts before they arrived at the shelter, they’re each settling in wonderfully at home. They’ve got very distinct personalities, but they’ve clearly decided they’re on the same team and have become fast friends — they even take turns during play time.

Arizona had her thirty day post-op check-up, and she’s healing well from her fractured leg and surgery. She still has a slight “gangsta walk,” but the vet’s happy with her progress and expects her full range of motion to come back within a few weeks. Raquel is still her playful, cuddle-buggy self.

Thank you again for everything — it’s only been a short while but already I can’t imagine my apartment without them.

- Cait

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WandaWanda! “Before coming to the SF SPCA I was living in Golden Gate Park and having a rough time. I’ve been at the shelter for two months, and I can’t wait to finally have a loving home! I’ve been going to training classes and have already mastered the basics, and hope my new family will teach me even more.”

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Violet: From Salinas Barn to Sun-Filled Perches, Sea Breezes

We adopted Violet in February 2013 at 4 months and we knew from the moment we met her she was our new baby. We would love to connect with any of her siblings, especially brother, Quatro, who may live in the Bay Area. The SPCA told us she was part of a litter found in a Salinas barn. We believe all of her siblings were also all black and they were treated for an extended period of time before being available for adoption.

VioletViolet, formerly Tres, was the second-to-last of her litter to be adopted. Her brother, Quatro, whom she was paired with for their stay, was still quarantined for treatment at the time we adopted Violet. We think it would be sweet to set up a play date with her brother, if it could be possible.

We introduced Violet to her brother, by adoption, Elton, who actually lives full-time in my mother-in-law’s apartment, the garden-level of our home. We share caring for the cats and we were so lucky that they bonded very quickly.

Violet and Elton are indoor cats with daily outside time on harnesses and leashes in the gardens surrounding our property. They look forward to going outside first thing every morning to sprint, hide under the ferns, catch bugs, roll around in the ornamental grass areas, and make their rounds to sniff for other animals that pass through.

When Violet is not running around playing and drinking from faucets, she is stretched out on her back, paws extended over her head, in one of her sun-filled perches, each situated on a different side of the house, in front of a window for fresh ocean air breeze and the sounds of hummingbirds.

Violet turns 9 months old this week and she is the most sweet, fun, and caring kitten we could ever ask for. We truly consider her our child and can’t imagine our lives without her.

- Jude & Sanjai

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Leonard: A Father’s Day Blessing

LeonardI just wanted to write in and share the story of the blessing I received on Father’s Day nearly three years ago. His name was Lionel, and when he came home we named him Leonard. He has made quick friends with our other pets and he is the King of the Castle, at least in his mind. My fiance and I love him to pieces.

Thank you SF SPCA!!!!!!! For the little Miracle 2.97 lb. Chihuahua We have opened our home and hearts to Leonard, and he has truly made our home his Forever HOME…….
- David

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We Love Mikey!

Mikey!Mikey became a part of our family this past weekend, and he has been absolutely amazing. He is a bundle of energy, but is already adapting to our day-to-day routine. He has made a new best friend in his cousin Floyd the pit bull, and has been giving his “big” sister the space she needs to get to know him. We have discovered that he loves to go for runs, lie in the sun, and play with anything that has peanut butter on it.

It was a wonderful experience to adopt from the SF SPCA and we are amazed at everything you do for the animals you care for. Please continue to keep doing what you are doing and thank you so much for bringing Mikey into our lives. We love him!

- Katie

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