Mia Mermaid

Mia MermaidIt was that time of year: Burning Man. When everyone asks me to take care of their pets while they scamper in the desert. Six years ago I realized, while feeding another kitty, that there was an empty hole in my life that needed to be filled.

After a discussion, my husband Brian & I went down to the SF SPCA. I have always adored tabbies, & I held a listless but beautiful kitten & I knew as they say. I actually cried on the way out the door. Although Mia  — now Mia Mermaid — had visible ribs (partly due to the stress of being in a shelter) she rebounded amazingly fast. And turned into a chow hound.

She is a character… not the demure & sickly kitty I met. She is strong, powerful — and full of salt & vinegar! The love I have for her is so powerful, it defies definition. She opened my eyes to the plight of all cats. We have 2 cats now, & live in our own peaceful kingdom. Brian & I always say we never had a home… until Mia Mermaid came into our life.

- Nan

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Fiona – Worth the Wait

FionaIn Love with Fiona

We just adopted “Fiona” a chihuahua mix on April 17th.  Our family made the decision to adopt a dog several months ago and we had visited the SPCA previously but didn’t find the right match for our family. You always hear the stories of people who tell you “you will just know” when you meet the right dog.  I now know what this experience is. From the  moment we met Fiona, it was love at first sight. My son is 12 and she bonded with him  instantly. The first night home with us, she followed him where ever he went. When it was  time for bed, she jumped right into bed with my son and slept all night with him.

We also discovered that she knows the word “paw” and that she is house broken. She also enjoys walks in our neighborhood.

Fiona is the sweetest, most loveable dog. I believe that she is the perfect match for our family and I am grateful that we waited to find her. She has brought joy into our household that was so needed. We are over the moon in love with her!

- Lora

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Gabbie – Dream Kitty

GabbieIn my dream  this beautiful kitty came to me and when I woke I knew I wanted to adopt a female kitten.  There was one particular kitten who I — at first sight — fell in love with. Her name was Gabbie and I truly believe she was the kitten in my dream. Eight years have passed and I can honestly say that she has been the best cat EVER. She brought so much love to my life — more than I could ever imagine. I am so grateful that we found each other — and she will always be in my heart.
- Catherine

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Finding Nymm

Nymm, formerly NimAfter the sudden loss of my long haired terrier named Sammie, I decided I would adopt from the SF SPCA for another dog. I originally went in with a couple dogs in mind to look at, but none of them seemed very interested in me. I decided to see Nymm and we immediately bonded. As soon as I sat on the floor to be on her level, she climbed straight into my lap and gave me one kiss. When I went to the front to adopt Nymm, the SF SPCA said they were waiving my adoption fee for her since my Sammie passed so suddenly. I love the SPCA.

Nymm is very happy here with me and she loves to play tug with a rope and play with “Stuffies,” her stuffed animal she cuddles and chews on. When it’s time for bed, she crawls under the covers and sleeps all night.

She is highly intelligent and even though I’ve only had her 3 weeks, she already knows sit, knows to mind her teeth when playing with adults and children alike, knows how to sing in a cute puppy way, knows stay, and is completely potty trained.

She loves playing at the beach, loves playing with other dogs, and loves people! She’s an  absolute blessing, and I can’t thank the SPCA enough. Thank you for my smart little  puppy, and I can’t wait to have more adventures with Nymm!

- Gwendolyn

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Elsa – Looking Forward to Years of Companionship

Elsa shows her bellyI adopted Elsa (formerly known as Miss Sally) from the SF SPCA about 2 years ago. I saw Elsa’s picture on the website and knew that she was the one.

The first time we met, she crawled into my lap and went to sleep. As you can see, sleeping is her favorite pastime. The picture under the blanket is the second night she was home with me. She settled in very quickly and is the most loving, expressive cat I have ever known.

I hesitated in adopting a kitty as I didn’t think that I could bond with another cat the way that I did with my first cat that died about 4 years ago. She and I lived together for almost 18 years.

Meeting Elsa has me excited about my next 18 years with my chubby bubby companion.
- Katherine

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