Elsa – Looking Forward to Years of Companionship

Elsa shows her bellyI adopted Elsa (formerly known as Miss Sally) from the SF SPCA about 2 years ago. I saw Elsa’s picture on the website and knew that she was the one.

The first time we met, she crawled into my lap and went to sleep. As you can see, sleeping is her favorite pastime. The picture under the blanket is the second night she was home with me. She settled in very quickly and is the most loving, expressive cat I have ever known.

I hesitated in adopting a kitty as I didn’t think that I could bond with another cat the way that I did with my first cat that died about 4 years ago. She and I lived together for almost 18 years.

Meeting Elsa has me excited about my next 18 years with my chubby bubby companion.
- Katherine

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Audi Completes the Family

AudiAlmost exactly 8 months ago, we adopted Audi the Bichon/Poodle from the SF SPCA. She goes everywhere with us and is a huge part of our family. She has made our family complete. I have always dreamed of having a dog. After months of convincing and begging my parents to get a dog, my dad subtly agreed. I searched for a month on petfinder, petharbor and Facebook for the perfect pup. I would find the perfect dog, fall in love with a dog, plan on adopting it the next day, and it was gone. (When I look back, I believe it was fate). This happened five times so I began to get discouraged after being disappointed and heartbroken too many times and began thinking maybe adoption isn’t for me and I should just buy a puppy.

Later that day I, on a whim, decided to look at the SF SPCA website just because I was almost certain I wouldn’t find any more matches. Lo and behold, I found a 2-year-old miniature poodle named Audi whose description was sweet, loving, very social and friendly. I was immediately drawn to her even though there was no picture or any other info about her. She had been from the Stockton Animal Services where there is a high kill rate, and had been transferred where she had been put for adoption the same day I found her. After thinking quickly, I had a very good feeling and put her on hold.

We met her on August 4th, 2012. She had just been spayed and was very groggy. She did not react to us and was very passive. However I decided to adopt her. Three and a half months later, she is the most wonderful, loving, cuddly, sweet, friendly, quiet social, loyal, polite and adorable dog who has made a complete transformation since she’s been with us. We kept her name as she learned Audi so fast and it actually really fit her even though at first I was totally determined to change it. I am very thankful for the SF SPCA for transferring her to their shelter. A week after we brought her home, she took a trip to the groomers and was completely shaved and cleaned up.

Now that her hair is back, it is adorably curly. At first she was very afraid of any long objects (sticks, rulers, forks) but now she is much better (we think she was abused as she is still is terrified at fly swatters). Her allergies also cleared up along with her separation anxiety. She is an angel now, and everyone tells me how lucky I am. She does not do any destructive behaviors like chew, dig, or rip. She gets along wonderfully with my other fur kids (rabbit and guinea pig). She and Stella (my rabbit) get along great, thankfully. She is completely house trained and socialized which is a relief for a first time dog parent.  She is a go everywhere and love everyone type of dog. She is exactly everything we wanted. She is very respectful, intelligent, and very well trained. Her hobbies include playing with her many snoopy toys, playing with dogs at the dog park, going shopping with us and going on car rides. My only gripe? Her picky eating, oh well.  Thank you again for my sweet Audi.

- Sara

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Gracie, Coco and Daisy: Feline Friends

In 1990 I adopted a sweet Siamese from friends whose cat had given birth to a litter of seven kittens.

Gracie I named her Gracie and soon developed a great love for this blue-eyed princess. Gracie was a devoted buddy for me but was shy around others. I had thought about adopting a feline friend for her but when I asked her vet about it he thought Gracie would not do well with another cat in the house.

Gracie was a very healthy indoor cat who lived through major renovation projects without going crazy. In her late teens Gracie slowed down a bit but still obviously enjoyed life (and catnip!!). About 6 months after her 19th birthday I noticed that Gracie was eating less and had lost weight. She was soon diagnosed with lymphoma but she rallied with prednisone and gained weight and energy. Unfortunately a few months later her condition worsened, so I worked with her vet on keeping her comfortable until it became clear that she was not able to enjoy her life any longer. She was peacefully euthanized a week after her 20th birthday.

Coco and Daisy curled up togetherCoco and DaisyI had planned to wait a month before adopting (to travel and do some projects around the house). However, after one night without feline companionship, I knew I wasn’t meant to wait. I went to Maddie’s and adopted two sisters who were 2.5. I named them Coco and Daisy and we’ve been buddies for almost 3 years. They are sweet mischief-makers who are my Welcome Home girls every day.

- Sharon

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Mary and Wrangler – New Best Friends

WranglerIn July 2009, my husband and I came into the San Francisco SPCA with our older dog, Maggie, to let her choose a companion; we ended up going home with Wrangler. For 3-1/2 years they enjoyed sunbathing in the dining room together, going on mountain hikes together, and digging up gophers at the dog park together. As Maggie’s vision and hearing deteriorated, Wrangler became her eyes and ears; if she saw him race to the front door she would immediately follow to greet us as we came home from work. If he ran into the kitchen she would come trotting along behind him to get her dinner.

Sadly, our beloved Maggie passed away this past December. We didn’t want Wrangler to be alone for long so a few days later we returned once again to the SF SPCA. This time Wrangler got to choose a friend and he chose Myra (now Mary).

MaryWrangler and Mary hit it off instantly and the fun hasn’t stopped since! They wrestle and play like crazy at home. During the rare moments when they’re just quietly laying around, Mary likes to stare lovingly at Wrangler and if he gets up to relocate to a different part of the house she’ll immediately follow. She acts like a girl with a huge crush on a boy, while Wrangler is more, “Gee, I’m flattered, but I just like you as a friend.”

They both enjoy running around at our local dog park every day with their doggie friends, chasing seagulls at Stinson beach, and visiting grandma (my mother-in-law) on Fridays because she spoils them with yummy Polish sausage from the deli.

Thank you, SF SPCA, for everything that you do! We will be forever grateful for Wrangler because he helped our shy Maggie come out of her shell, and for Mary because she made us laugh and smile again after Maggie’s passing.

best wishes,
Jasmine & Jacek (and Mary & Wrangler!)

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Bitsy and Birdy, Bonded

bitsy-birdy-photoBitsy and Birdy are a bonded pair; they can’t do anything without each other. So far the thing they love the most is to be in the back yard and lay in the morning sun, like a couple of porch hound dogs. Of course they’re so little, they do need supervision, but it gives me a chance to relax also.

Here’s a photo of Bitsy and Birdy enjoying morning sun after breakfast just one day after their adoption, along with a more recent photo of them in bed, playing with their toy piggy.


- Kath Rendon

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